In this section, I will post links to videos that cover a large range of topics that I write about in my new book 'The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success'.

To see many of them at once, check out my YouTube channel.

  • In this ZEV mandate video I discuss the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate, a flexible regulation that is one of the decarbonization policies I discuss in greater detail in my new book, The Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success”

  • In this 8 min video, I explain how COVID recovery spending must not divert climate-sincere governments from continuing their essential task of tightening regulations or increasing carbon prices, or both!

  • A short video I did for the SFU Library on writing for public audiences 

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  1. Seeing this video greatly improved my day. I shared it on Facebook ( and also within a LeadNow "Slack" platform, each time with a comment. I bought and read your book, The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success, and I watched your question and answer session with Climate Change Legislation Needed Now. Since then, I have been thinking a great deal about how best to propagate your ideas.