In this section, I will post links to videos that cover a large range of topics that I write about in my latest book 'The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success'.

To see many of them at once, check out my YouTube channel.

  • In this short 'Are fossil fuels evil?' video I address the tendency for some climate-action advocates to demonize fossil fuels, and explain why that makes solving the problem of greenhouse gases even harder.

  • In this ZEV mandate video I discuss the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate, a flexible regulation that is one of the decarbonization policies I discuss in greater detail in my new book, The Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success”

  • In this 8 min video, I explain how COVID recovery spending must not divert climate-sincere governments from continuing their essential task of tightening regulations or increasing carbon prices, or both!

  • YouTube video of my talk 'The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success' - hosted by West Vancouver Memorial Library on June 2, 2020.
"Climate change is causing lasting and devastating problems for our world right now. As a hub for information and community-building, the Library is a critical part of the response to this emergency. Climate Future is a community-driven initiative to share knowledge, inspire action and—collectively—change the world for the better by reducing local emissions. 

Join SFU Professor and author Mark Jaccard to find out what actions you can take to prevent extreme climate impacts."

  • A short video I did for the SFU Library on writing for public audiences 

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