Reviews of 'Citizen's Guide'

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"The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success, by Mark Jaccard" by Andres Kabel, March 31, 2020, ReadListenWatch.

"Laurent Franckx's Reviews: The Citizen's Guide to Climate Success: Overcoming Myths That Hinder Progress" by Laurent Franckx, March 21, 2020, Goodreads.

"Zen and the Art of Climate Success" by Matthew Klippenstein, February 28, 2020, The National Observer.

"The Citizen’s Guide to Climate Success — a Must-Read for the Current Times" by Mihai Andrei, February 21, 2020, ZME Science.

"How to heal our planet" by Pilita Clark, February 18, 2020, Financial Times.

"Que faire pour combattre le changement climatique ? ArrĂȘtez de croire ces mythes" translation of essay by Matt Simon, February 11, 2020, GQ France.

Want to Fight Climate Change? Stop Believing These Myths" by Matt Simon, February 7, 2020. WIRED.

Solving the climate crisis isn’t on consumers. It’s on the people in power” by John Geddes, January 30, 2020. Maclean’s Magazine.

"When taxes clash with politics, a price on carbon is a tough sell" by Patrick Brethour, January 22, 2020, The Globe and Mail.

"Take Your Climate Activism to the Next Level With January’s New Environmental Books" by John R. Platt, Jan. 10, 2020, The Revelator.

"What you can do in 2020 to keep the world from burning up" by Don Pittis, Dec. 30, 2019, CBC News.

"From a climate change guide to a case for Indigenous justice: five new books to keep your eye on" by Neil Moss, Nov. 18. 2019, Hill Times.

"Climate Confusion, Angst, and Sleeplessness" by Robert Hunziker, Nov. 12, 2019, Counter Currents.     

Picked up by
Picked up by Counter Punch

"Meet the MythBuster for climate change" by Nathanael Johnson, Nov. 5, 2019, Grist.

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